April 11, 2017

Frequently Asked

How soon can you move on my debt?

 On receipt of your request to commence our field agent will be on the debtor’s door by the next day.

Do you require upfront court costs?

We aim to collect your debt without need of the court system. In fact, we have little use of it.

Is there a Membership requirement?

We prefer to concentrate on debt collection – nothing else!

Do FIDC buy debts?

N0! We are strictly a contingency operation (working on client debts for a fee).

How do you operate?

Our strategy is not disclosed. What we can tell you is that we door-knock every debtor!

Your invoice is taken to the debt’s door.

Can I add costs to the debt?

Yes – provided you have a written agreement with the customer.

What if  the debtor has no money?

If money is short we listen to the problem and negotiate a payment plan within the debtor’s budget.

If I do decide to take this to court –  which court?

Up to $10,000 is a Minor Case Claim (by summons) MAGISTRATES COURT.  From $10,001 to $75,000 is a General Procedure Claim (by summons) MAGISTRATES COURT. Claims over $75,000 to $250,000 are heard in the DISTRICT COURT (service by writ). Claims over $250,000 are heard in the SUPREME COURT (service also by writ).

Whatever your query just drop it in here and we’ll respond


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