April 11, 2017

Frequently Asked

How quickly can you move on recovery?

 Immediately! As soon as we receive your Submission, both our investigator and field agent will move on it.

Any Court Costs required?

All effort is applied to recover the debt without need of court costs.

Is Membership a requirement?

We don’t run a club. We just collect debts! There is no membership requirement.

Do you buy debts?

We are contingency based, earning a fee from clients on success. No, we don’t buy debts!

Do you Guarantee to collect?

Despite one of the highest success rates, diligent procedure, professional field agents and investigators – there is never any guarantee.

Your invoice is taken to the debt’s door.

Can I add costs to the debt?

Provided you have a written agreement to that effect from the customer/debtor (at the start) – yes you can.

What if  the debtor has money problems?

Our field will weigh up the situation and negotiate a payment plan within the debtor’s means.

If I decide on court action – which court?

To $10,000 is a Minor Case Claim (by summons) MAGISTRATES COURT.  $10,001 to $75,000 is a General Procedure Claim (by summons) MAGISTRATES COURT. Claims $75,000 to $250,000 are DISTRICT COURT (service by writ). Claims over $250,000 are SUPREME COURT (service by writ).

Whatever your query – drop us a note in ‘obtain a quote’ and we’ll respond


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