April 11, 2017

Usual Questions

Debt recovery questions


Do you operate on a set upfront fee or a contingency fee?

We operate on a NO SUCCESS NO FEE basis (contingency).

How long does it take?

 Generally around 2 to 3 weeks to achieve success.


Do you charge court costs or membership?

We prefer to avoid the courts and we do not seek membership at all.


My debtor has disappeared! Can you find him?

Yes we can! We lodge an ALERT on the debtor’s credit record and place the name on ABSCONDED.


What if the debtor suggests a payment arrangement?

We monitor the payments to our trust account – disbursed monthly (less our % fee).


Which court – should I choose to do so?

Under $10,000 is a Minor Case Claim in the Magistrates Court (no lawyers). $10k to $75k is a General Procedure Claim. Both are service by summons.

Claims $75,000 to $250,000 are service by writ –  District Court.

Over $250,000 are service by a writ –  Supreme Court.


Debt collection Australia wide


First International Debt Collection


Licensed bonded debt collection agency. ABN: 38 091 890 570 Member of Institute of Mercantile, Agents Australia Collectors Association, Mercantile Agents Association
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