April 11, 2017

Tenancy Information


Professional tenancy debt collectors
We specialise in both residential and commercial debt recovery.  We are fully conversant with both residential and commercial leases and are considered the best and most professional tenancy debt agency in the country. We collect Australia-wide handle. Tenancy debt recovery is a specialist facet. FIDC will track down the rogue tenant and pursue the debt to wherever they have fled.

Success with collecting tenancy debts

Recidivist tenants tend to flutter beneath the radar. Most estate agencies have access to the defaulting databases and can check the names of prospective tenants and remain one step ahead of the shark infested waters. Private landlords are making tragic mistakes to which there is no easy path to learn from them. They are vulnerable to make the sames mistakes over and over.

A bad tenancy record does not escape the attention of a professional estate agent. The best the private landlord can do is to at least Google the name of any prospective tenant in the hope of gleaning some information. It is amazing what a Google search will reveal.

Warming to private landlords
Never write up a real estate tenancy agreement before obtaining an Application to Rent. Never grant possession on-the-spot. Take the time to check the application form information. Hopefully the prospective tenant has revealed all the info being sought – DOB, NOK, phones, emails, employment. Once this is checked (days later) then demand the balance of deposit and complete the Tenancy Agreement and present it to the prospective tenant to sign PRIOR to keys being handed over. Incidentally, ask the prospective tenant for his drivers licence and compare this to the information on the application. The rogue will generally have skipped sections or supplied scant info.

Landlords that skip the Application and revert straight to the Tenancy Agreement – are their own worst enemy. If you are a private landlord and you don’t have an Application To Rent form then contact us. We will give you one – no charge!

The tenant’s personal information – can’t hand it over due to PRIVACY!

Let us advise you! You, as the landlord and principal own all the paperwork pertaining to your property with your agent. You are entitled to ALL INFORMATION on your tenancy – even though it’s on the agency’s own stationery. Any agent refusing to hand over the Application form can be reported to the Department of Commerce and/or the Real Estate Institute in your State.

Can you collect arrears from a sitting tenant?

We can only become involved once the tenant vacates the property. The tenancy agreement specifically referrs to who the rent is to be paid (while the tenants are sitting) – landlord or agent. Consequently, while the tenant is in the property the matter befalls the licence of an estate agent. Once the tenant vacates, however, (and a final bill is derived of rent, damages, outgoings less bond) our licence comes into play.

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