April 11, 2017

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Here is some professional debt collection advice relevant to debt recovery Australia wide by

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Without Prejudice are words often used completely out of context. It is important at this point to inform you that we are not solicitors so this is merely our view-point on the meaning of ‘Without Prejudice’. We’ve noted much correspondence erroneously headed with these 2 words. It is commonly and mistakenly believed that all correspondence headed this way, cannot be used against you in a court of law. Don’t bet on it! In fact, it still will be. It is our understanding that the time to use it is whenever you make an offer to settle the matter. Hence if you, as creditor, should decide to email your debtor offering a 50% discount if paid in 7 days – then you need to head the offer “WITHOUT PREJUDICE”. Why is that?

The reason is that should the matter later go to court (say years later), your debtor, may produce your letter as proof to the magistrate that you had reduced the debt by 50%.

You can avoid that by placing WITHOUT PREJUDICE on your offer – to be taken up by a certain time.  That way the letter cannot be used to prejudice your claim for the debt in full.

Opinion offered by layperson, Richard Adams DCL5286, First International Debt Collection.



If you operate a business and would like to prevent and avoid debt, best you invest in a very compact clause for all your field-work stationery. First International Debt Collection with Perth Debt Collection, have developed a 420 word clause that can be cut and pasted into your emails when supplying a quote.  We recommended a 420 word clause that is recommended for your Work Authority; Credit Application form and all emails of confirmation. In short the clause in brief:
1. Our terms are strictly cash/EFT.
2. A penalty interest rate is stipulated (not unconscionable) for late payment
3. Retention of Title on all goods installed or held.
4. The customer’s responsibility under PPSA Personal Property Security Act
5. All costs included – being that of a debt collector & solicitor will be added to the bill.
6. The customer is aware of a security interest exists in the property held
7. The right to register a caveat on any real estate.
8. Trustee acting for or any appointed party of the customer will also be held liable.
9. Jurisdiction for the debt is as we specify in the event of court action.

Debt Collection Agency Process and Debt Collection Services Australia, in association with Best Debt Collection Agency and  First International Debt Collection hold licence for these special terms & conditions.

How long can a debt be chased?
The legal statute of a debt in Australia is six years. Therefore, if you have a debt of five years, you have just one year to recover it or it’s at an end. There are exceptions to the rule though. First International Debt Collection FIDC can re-activate a debt close to statute.  Give us a call or email us; let us have the details, and we will endeavour to re-activate your debt.

Debt collection of a company debt!
Collecting a debt from a company is somewhat more complex than an individual.  However, if the debt is over $2,000 and provided the debt has not been disputed, we can arrange a legal Statutory Demand under section 459E(2) of the Corporations Act of 2001. Once served on the company it has just 21 days in which to pay or it faces being wound up in the Federal Court. Our legals can prepare this quickly but before instructing our legals to prepare it we will deliver a formal notice of warning. This way we resolve the matter or (if ignored) obtain proof of evidence that the debt is undisputed.

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