April 11, 2017

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TERMS & CONDITIONS – do I need  such a thing? 

If you operate a business – you need to prepare for court daily!

FIDC have a 420 word clause that can be dropped into your job quote.

The 420 word clause will fully protect you against the late-payer and the non-payer!

In short the clauses stipulate:
1. The terms of trade are strictly cash/EFT!
2.  Penalty interest applied for late payment!
3. Retention of Title on all goods supplied!
4.  Customer’s responsibility- PPSA (Personal Property Security Act)
5.  Costs to be added (ie debt collection fees & solicitor).
6.  Security interest applied on property held
7. Right to register a caveat.
8. The customer is liable if acting for a trust
9. Jurisdiction for court action!

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First International Debt Collection.


How old is too old for a debt?

The legal statute of a debt in Australia is SIX YEARS. Therefore.

Hence a debt of 66 months – you have just 6 months to recover it.

There are exceptions to this rule.

FIDC can re-activate the debt for a new 6 year term.


Company debt or debt of an individual?

Collecting a debt from a company is somewhat more complex than that of an individual.

You will need to drop us a line on it!


First International Debt Collection

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