April 11, 2017

Tenancy Recovery


Tenancy debt recovery is a specialist field!

We have the knowledge!  Knowledge on tenancy as a former licensed estate agent. Knowledge from national tenancy databases – databases not available to most debt collectors. Knowledge as to how to lodging a track and alert.


We have assisting property managers in every state of Australia with recovery. It is not always successful but on those we rogues that escaped, their names remain against their future rent applications. Apart from tenancy debt we have also successfully recovery VIP for estate agents. It’s one of our specialist tasks!


Without the advantage of a tenancy default databases it is imperative that you take a more diligent approach to prospective tenants. We would recommend:

INSIST ON – your prospective tenant signs your Application to Rent form – before a Tenancy Agreement is offered. BEWARE – of the hard-luck stories such as need to move out today due to living with mother. CHECK –  every references provided on the application. PHOTO – with your phone the applicants drivers licence.  CALL –  the applicant’s employer and verify employment. TRUTH – make contact with ‘Mother’ or the last landlord or property manager and get the real story. IMPORTANT –  Google their name.

We can provide you with a professional Application to Rent designed to obtain full disclosure – $88.00.

First International Debt Collection, Member of Institute of Mercantile Agents 

Richard Adams CEO, DCL5286, REA407  Tel: 0411737723

Email: enquiries@fidc.com.au

We specialise in tenancy and VPA recovery


Licensed bonded debt collection agency. ABN: 38 091 890 570 Member of Institute of Mercantile, Agents Australia Collectors Association, Mercantile Agents Association
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