April 11, 2017

Collect your costs

Collecting all of your costs need not be a bun-fight!

Clients often ask use if interest and debt collector’s fees can be added to the debt. This is possible if one has a formal agreement with the customer. As the customer is now your debtor – this is no longer possible! A court tested Agreement (before you provide your services) is essential!

It is time to stop the rogues!

The FIDC Agreement will not only protect you – but ensure you win on interest and all outstanding costs (debt collection & lawyer’s fees etc). If you own a business you need this form. Without it you are doomed to repeat and accumulate further bad debt.

Contact us today and check it out: enquiries@fidc.com.au. 


Don’t delay with your debts!

The longer you leave a debt –  the harder it is to collect.  


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