June 7, 2018

Debt collection Perth

Debt Collection Perth

One debt collection firm is upsetting more debtors than any other.

FIDC make no apologies for its ‘Absconded’ page.

The rogues can hide beneath a rock but they can’t hide from Google. 

FIDC is reported to the Privacy Commissioner on a regular basis.

Why? The rogues want their names taken off Abscomded.

But if they don’t want to pay and won’t disclose where they live.

Apart from menacing reports to Privacy the rogues cyber attack FIDC.

 We won’t be intimidated by them.

Their names will remain on Absconded – for as long as it takes!

First International Debt Collection

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Licensed bonded debt collection agency. ABN: 38 091 890 570 Member of Institute of Mercantile, Agents Australia Collectors Association, Mercantile Agents Association
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