April 11, 2017

About Us

First International Debt Collection was founded in 1998 by its CEO Richard Adams. Previous to debt collection Richard was a director of Raine & Horne Commercial. He continues to hold a (shelved) Triennial Certificate TCN407. He is an active member of the Highgate RSL, Institute of Mercantile Agents, Australian Collectors Association and State secretary of the Mercantile Agents Association and licensed debt collector DCL5286.

FIDC’s first case was on a claim of $50,000. The wealthy debtor was a belligerent rogue and negotiations failed to resolve the issue. A summons was served on the rogue for him to appear in court. The ensuing Judgment was an epic win. It not only retrieved the $50,000 but all legal costs of $22,000, plus interest that amounted to $5,500. Pure justice!

The extensive experience from this protracted case galvanised Richard to the debt collection industry and he shelved his estate agent’s licence.

It is worth noting that success in this court action was not a one-off fluke. It stemmed from two previous court actions during his real estate years. Both cases failed! Having lost taught him some very valuable lessons. He implemented certain regular procedures on a daily basis. To pass on some advice he recommends you keep a daily journal recording all calls, contacts and actions. Most important is that you always insist on written instruction before carrying out any work.

This was the sound advice provided Richard by both his brother and father. His late brother was a master of the Supreme Court and his late father a notable QC. As to their advice on court?
He chose to ignore it!

There comes a time when a belligerent rogue will rear its ugly head. Court action then must be considered in earnest. With some luck the service of the summons may prompt the debtor into resolution mode. At FIDC it’s important to us that the rogue either pays or is taught a valuable lesson in doing so. We want the debt paid – whether in or out of the court room.

OUR TIP! If you want to avoid court, prepare for it on a daily basis. Si vis pacem – para bellum! If you want peace – prepare for war! FIDC have ‘Trading Terms & Conditions’ in a short 420 word clause along with a ‘Work Authority’ available for a small charge.

FIDC employs experienced and licensed debt collectors, process servers and investigators. Our area of expertise extends from general debt recovery to tenancy (both residential and commercial) – Australia wide. FIDC also specialises in overseas debt recovery. This complex facet is reliant on close affiliates worldwide.

First International is licensed and bonded. It remains fully compliant with the Debt Collectors Act of 1964 and Debt Collectors Guidelines as issued by Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC).


Licensed bonded debt collection agency. ABN: 38 091 890 570 Member of Institute of Mercantile, Agents Australia Collectors Association, Mercantile Agents Association
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