April 11, 2017

About Us

First International Debt Collection was founded in 1998 by its CEO Richard Adams. Richard is an active member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents; Australian Collectors Association; State Secretary of the Mercantile Agents Association; a Sessional Member of the State Administrative Tribunal and a licensed & bonded debt collector: DCL5286.

One of First International’s first recovery cases was a claim of $50,000 for an estate agent. A wealthy investor avoided paying the real estate agent’s lawful commission by conspiring with the buyer to falsely declare that the sale had fallen through. The seller and the buyer then put their own contract together – bypassing the agent. FIDC made every endeavour to convince the seller that he was liable. Despite all demands and field call visits, the debtor remained belligerent. “Just go ahead and sue. I will mount an enormous defence and make you liable for damages” was his final words – before we proceeded to court action.

The court action allowed us to lay out the evidence quite explicitly.  Just one day in court and the magistrate and we were awarded the $50,000 claim figure plus costs plus interest. The costs and interest amounted to $27,500. The defendant had to pay $77,500 rather than the without prejudice offer we made him of $20k before the Court sat. He gambled – and lost. It certainly provided us with some strong argument with debtors to accept the without prejudice offer and avoid court.


With offices in very State and field agents throughout the country there is nowhere where we cannot reach. Hiding from the internet is impossible. The same applies to debtors that escape the country in the hope they can avoid a debt. We have affiliations worldwide.


Tenancy debt, both commercial and residential is a specialist facet. We have been involved in recovering tenancy debt since 1999.  FIDC have ready access into the National Tenancy Default database. This enable FIDC to lodge an alert and track down the rogue tenant.



There is an age-old saying If you want peace – prepare for war! The same applies to debt. The rogues are sharks circling and awaiting easy prey. You must perfect a fire-wall. Beware of the tenant that seeks immediate possession with a handful of cash to coax you to a quick decision. Beware of the tradesmen driving a vehicle not sign-written. Always Google the name of the party with whom you are doing business.


We employ experienced field agents that are keen to eye-ball the debtor – and resolve the debt issue. Our field agents are licensed, professional, persuasive and intent on payment in the shortest possible time-frame.

FIDC are the nations leading debt collection firm in General debt recovery, Residential tenancy debt recovery, Commercial tenancy debt recovery and Overseas recovery.

First International Debt Collection is bonded and compliant with the Debt Collectors Act of 1964; adhering to the Debt Collectors Guidelines as produced by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC).


Licensed bonded debt collection agency. ABN: 38 091 890 570 Member of Institute of Mercantile, Agents Australia Collectors Association, Mercantile Agents Association
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