Door knocking – effective or dangerous?

Approaching a debtor at their door for a creditor could be dangerous to say the least. That’s not quite confrontational for a third party – field agent. In my professional opinion, it is the most effective way of collecting a debt. Once I have met with the debtor, face to face, I can then generally establish as to whether the debt is collectable or not.
It may well be that the debtor has a genuine dispute on the debt itself. Let’s find out about it here and now – while facing one-another.  I can generally derive as to whether the excuse is legitimate or a stall tactic.
My job is to resolve the matter before lawyers and court action is involved. Only from door-knocking can I ascertain the best course of action to collect the debt. If I feel the debtor is legitimate. If there is a financial problem let’s find out about it in the debtor’s own yard space. If I feel there are financial difficulties I can put together a payment arrangement to suit the debtor’s budget. After that, I (along with FIDC accounting software) I can closely monitor on-going payments.
The job of a field agent is one of empathy, tenacity and perception. 

by Louis O’Broin, Professional Field Agent & Process Server – for FIDC

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