Avoid Tenancy Debt!

We take-on numerous tenancy debt recoveries. Commercial Tenancy Recovery work is minimal in comparison to the Residential Tenancy debt recovery which is forever growing.

Commercial leases recovery, in our view, is the assignment of preference as it consists of people with some tangible or real assets. Residential tenancy, on the other hand, is somewhat less assured! The average residential tenant has little in the way of assets other than some meagre furniture and a car.

While we receive many residential tenancy recovery cases from estate agents, the greater majority come from private landlords. Why is that?

The private landlord always explains how he’s been dissatisfied by a previous experience of having a property manager handle his property. He can do better and save on management fees. But is he and does he?

The sad part is, the private landlord is doing a far worse a job than the agent he sacked.

The pool of tenants seeking to rent privately is akin to a giant pond of sharks circling you – and  you are looking for the prettiest one!

The sharks appear on the Tenancy Default databases. Their only hope is the private landlord. The managing agents have rejected them. For the private landlords’s the sharks will use an alias, false drivers licence, and stories as to how they are living with mum, dad/uncle Jack .

But if you are intent on doing your own management, start using an APPLICATION TO RENT form. Don’t confuse it with the Tenancy Agreement! The Application must come first. It seeks all the personal information i.e. next of kin; employer’s name & phone; current landlord and phone; date of birth; drivers licence and passport details. The Tenancy Agreement you have jumped straight to – is void of all this!

For an Application to Rent form you can email us for the document.


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